My name is Ian Almengo. I am a Dominican Republic born photographer / Director based out of Queens, New York.

I began my career shooting in the fashion industry in 2009 and as I honed my skills, I was afforded the opportunity to take on more commercial work. Being able to explore this art form more with exciting new concepts and great teams is something I truly have such a passion for. This is what I live for. The insatiable feeling of being able to create art while looking through a lens was something I could not fathom growing up as a child.

I love working with brands who recognize the importance of mood and emotion. It has become second nature to me, directing the scenario where emotion takes place into the shoot using the best to stand out in a natural, creative and original moment.

I am eternally grateful to every talent, every artist, every soul that I have worked with throughout this journey we call life for without each and every one of you and your limitless talents, I would not be able to wake up every day and live my dream through my lens.

-Ian Almengo 

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